R80SL - Silver Colored Ink Space Pen - No Packaging

Price: $8.00
Proudly Made in the USA
Item Number: #R80SL


Style: Retractable
Composition: Plastic
Color: Silver Metallic Barrel / Silver Ink
Point Size: 1.3mm Ball
Pen Length: 6.04’
Pen Width: 0.32’’
Pen Weight: .1 oz.
Cartridge: Fisher Pressurized Silver Ink, Bold Point
Refillable: No
Engraving: Not Available
Shelf Life: 6 months

R80SL Side View

R80SL Front View
Baker's Dozen Offer

This pressurized silver ink Space Pen has been a long time favorite in the Fisher Space Pen family.

The R80SL will typically write more than 5200 feet depending on writing style and surface.  

It is fantastic for writing on:
     * Tires and other Rubber Surfaces
     * Leather
     * Photograph Paper
     * Scrapbooks
     * Dark papers & Surfaces  

Goes anywhere, writes everywhere!

Looking for a refillable option? Silver ink is also available in a Fisher Pressurized Cartridge in your choice of medium or bold point. PR cartridges have a write-out of approximately 12000 ft and fit in nearly all refillable Fisher pens.

SR80SL Silver Ink Pen writing on leather

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SR80SL - Silver Colored Ink Space Pen
Item Number: #SR80SL
Price: $8.00
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