Do your products carry a guarantee?

Yes. All Fisher Space Pens are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for repair or replacement. Click link to read our guidelines.

Do you offer returns, refunds or trades?

No. All sales are final. 

Do you ship overseas? 

No. We have a network of international distributors for international customers. Click here for a list of international distributors.

Is Fisher Space Pen a family-owned company?

Yes. Fisher Space Pen is still run by Paul Fisher’s son Cary and grandsons Matt and Paul Fisher.

What is your contact information and office hours?

Office Hours: M-F; 8 AM to 4 PM Pacific Time.

Telephone: 800-634-3494

Address: 711 Yucca Street, Boulder City, NV 89005


Contact Info LINK

What are your pens made of? 

Almost all our pens are made from brass.


Do all your pens take the same refill? 

Almost all our pens take the same Fisher Pressurized Refill (PR). Our  Q4 uses the Universal Refill and our INFINIUM doesn’t take a refill.


Are you guys in Colorado? 

We are located in Boulder City, Nevada not Boulder, CO


Do you have a permanent clip for the Bullets? 

No, we don’t make a permanent clip for our Bullet Space Pens. They are removable clips. Check out our clips here.


Can I get a different color of engraving on my pen? 

No, the engraving color is whatever the pen is made of. Most of our pens are brass and therefore engravings will have a gold color. Our CLUTCH, Backpacker, and Q4 have an aluminum base resulting in a silver colored engraving.

How can I make my RAW Brass Space Pen shiny again? 

We use BRASSO to clean the Raw brass space pens.


What refill does your INFINIUM Space Pen take? 

Our INFINIUM Space Pen doesn’t take a refill as the whole pen is filled with ink.


What refill does my Y2K Space Pen take? 

Our PRYK and they only come in a medium point and in Black or Blue ink. Please contact to order refills for your Y2K Space Pen.


What’s the lightest pen you make? 

Our lightest pen is the SWY Stowaway Space Pen. Check out our Stowaway Pen Collection.


What’s the difference between Fisher Space Pen and Rite in the Rain pens? 

We supply pens and refills for Rite in the Rain with a specially-formulated ink that performs better on their waterproof paper. The writing isn’t as smooth as our Space Pen refills but has all the same functionalities.


What was the pen that Neil and Buzz took to space? 

The Astronauts on Apollo 11 and on every crewed space mission use our AG7 Original Astronaut Pen.


What’s the difference between the PR4 and SPR4? 

Nothing, they’re the same refill. The “S” stands for how it’s packaged. It means it’s blister carded. 


Can I get the refill anywhere local? 

Yes, REI, Office Max/ Office Depot, Staples and many other outdoor and tactical shops, space centers, museums and pen specialists carry our (S)PR4 refill.


How many miles do your refills write for? 

Fisher Space Pens will write for over 12,000 ft. or approximately 2.5 miles. 


Do you make any pencils? 

Yes, we offer our Thunderbirds Pen & Pencil Set that is a .9mm lead and our Q4 Multi-Action Pen features a  .7mm pencil inside.


Does your stylus piece in your Q4 work on iPhones?

 No, it doesn’t. It is one of the older models of styluses and works for PDA and palm pilots.


Can you engrave symbols on your pens or pictures? 

No, our Engraving includes the Latin alphabet, numbers, and the following characters: ! @ . # $ ‘ ( ) * + , - : ; = ? & ♥ *Please note: Any letter that normally has an accent can be engraved ó é ê ë ö ü ü ÿ Ö ñ Backslash \ is not available Underscore _ is not available The ♥ symbol is the alt key and the numpad 3 held at the same time. Maximum of 3 ♥ symbols per line of engraving


What’s the lead content of our brass?

Less than ½ a percent (less than .5%)


What is the copper content of the raw brass?

Copper 85%, zinc 15%


Why is my M4RAW/400RAW turning colors?

Our 400RAW and M4RAW pens will develop a unique patina in response to the user’s body chemistry and the environment in which the pen is used.


Do you offer tours?

No. We do not offer tours of our factory.


What are your point sizes?

Fine - .9mm, Medium – 1.1mm, Bold – 1.3mm


I paid for Expedited Shipping, why hasn’t my order shipped?

Expedited shipping does not affect the processing time of orders, only the shipping time. Orders are processed and shipped in the order they are received. More information can be found here - Fisher Space Pen Order Processing and Shipping


I need a custom order for my company. Who do I contact?

For Custom orders, please contact Cory West in our promotional products division:

Do you offer a military/police/teacher/ discount?

Our military pens are discounted 10% and can be found in the Fisher Space Pen Military Exchange

No other discounts are currently offered; however, we recommend signing up for the Fisher Space Pen Newsletter in order to receive offers and news of product launches.


Do you sell my information?

Absolutely not! (We don’t like that happening to us either )Fisher Space Pen Privacy Policy


I entered a coupon code, but it didn’t work.

We do not honor any coupons, codes, discounts, sales or offers made by coupon websites or any other websites on the internet. Fisher Space Pen coupons are sent occasionally via the Fisher Space Pen Newsletter.


Can’t astronauts just use pencils?

No, it’s not safe! Read more here: