T7PPS - Thunderbirds Pen & Pencil Set

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Item Number: #T7PPS
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miaPen Style: Rear Click Mechanism with Side Retraction Button
Composition: Brass
Finish: Chrome
Pen Length: Open - 5.0" Closed - 5.29"
Pen Width: .375”
Pen Weight: .96 oz.
Cartridge: Fisher Pressurized PR4, Black Ink, Medium Point
Pencil Length: 5.35"
Pencil Width: .29"
Pencil Weight: .7 oz.
Pencil Lead: .9mm
Packaging: Gift Box with Astronaut Sleeve
Engraving: Pen Only, Not Available for Pencil

As Commander of the Thunderbirds, Lt. Colonel Ron Mumm asked Paul Fisher to design a pen with a "gripping knob" to allow easy removal and replacement from the small, lower leg pocket of the pilots' flight suits. Today, this pen is the official writing instrument of Thunderbirds pilots. The Thunderbirds logo sits atop the gripping knob of the pen. Otherwise, it's a regular AG7 model pen as used on all the manned space flights.

Front view of Thunderbirds pen
Side view of Thunderbirds pen
Thunderbirds Pen

Side and front view of T7P
Thunderbirds Pencil

The Thunderbirds insignia sits atop the gripping knobs of the pen and pencil.

Engraving may include Latin alphabet letters, numbers,
and the following characters: ! @ / . # $ ' ( ) + , - : ; = ? & ♥
The following accents may be engraved: ó é ê ë ö ü ÿ Ö ñ
Please note: Emoji, asterisk (*), backslash (\), and underscore (_) are not available.
The symbol is the alt key and the numpad 3 held at the same time.
If this does not work, please indicate a with {} in the engraving field.
Maximum of 3 symbols per line of engraving.

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Calligraphic Script and Connecting Script fonts: Script fonts will be illegible if engraved in all upper-case letters. We suggest using Helvetica or Roman if engraving all capital letters.

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