725B - Matte Black trekker Space Pen

Price: $48.00
Item Number: #725B
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Style: Snap Off Cap 
Length: 3.875"
Width:  .375"
Cartridge: Fisher PR4 Pressurized Refill. Black Ink Medium Point
Composition: Aluminum with Matte Black Finish & Fisher Rubber Comfort Grip™
Packaging: Gift Box
This is the space pen that truly Goes Anywhere, Writes Everywhere, and Attaches to Everything!  The Trekker Space Pen can hang upside down forever yet function flawlessly once deployed, something most other pen won’t do.  Attach the pen to your belt loop, briefcase, tool belt, uniform, backpack, hiking gear, fishing sling, camping equipment, and just about anything else a carabiner will attach to.  Our favorite place to attach the Trekker is to your keychain.  Carry a never-failing, quality pen wherever you go and never worry about having to walk back to your car/truck because you forgot your pen.

Are you a first responder?  This is the perfect on-the-job tool for you.  Law enforcement and first responders have been huge fans of this pen over the years.  The Trekker’s ease of carry and durability make this space pen the perfect tool on the job.   Speaking of tools, construction and trade professionals love the Trekker Space Pen.  If you’ve ever walked a construction site, you’ll notice how many pens most people are carrying in their shirt pockets and usually they carry back up pens for when the one they use quits on them in the rain, snow, sleet, or heat.  Those that carry Fisher Space Pen only need one.

725B with cap removed

725B without cap on open notebook
Engraving may include Latin alphabet letters, numbers,
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Please note: Emoji, backslash (\), and underscore (_) are not available.
The symbol is the alt key and the numpad 3 held at the same time.
If this does not work, please indicate a with {} in the engraving field.
Maximum of 3 symbols per line of engraving.

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Calligraphic Script and Connecting Script fonts: Script fonts will be illegible if engraved in all upper-case letters. We suggest using Helvetica or Roman if engraving all capital letters.

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