wPH108 - Write Now Rocket - Rocket Pen Holder

Price: $75.00
Proudly Made in the USA
Item Number: #wPH108
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Material: Zinc
Dimensions:  Depth:  2.0"  Height: 3.749"  Width: 1.974"
Weight: Approximately 1/2 pound
Packaging: JZ Gift Box


Use this pen holder to lift your thoughts.

Replica of the Space Shuttle sitting on the third stage rocket---fueled by your ideas. 


Write Now Rocket: The Space Shuttle is one of man's greatest symbols of Aeronautic/Aerospace achievement. With the harnessing of jet propulsion and guidance systems, space explorers are confidently carried into deep space and back again.  Let this pen holder and your choice of pen (sold separately) represent your thrust and focus to reach the deepest realms of your imagination and the limitless possibilities that it can manifest.



Engraving includes letters, numbers, and the following characters:
! . # $ ‘ ( ) * + , - : ; = ? & ♥
*Please note: Any letter that normally has an accent can be engraved
ó é ê ë ö ü ü ÿ Ö ñ
Backslash \ is not available
Underscore _ is not available
The symbol is the alt key and the numpad 3 held at the same time.
Maximum of 3 symbols per line of engraving
If this does not work, please indicate a with {} in the engraving field
Maximum 75 Characters
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