Item Number: #SO1

SO1 - 1-For-All Refill - Medium Point Blue Ink - 3 PACK

SO1 - 1-For-All Refill Cartridge   3-PACK
Blue Ink - Medium Point                                         Standard NON-Pressurized Refill

One of the Fisher Pen Company's original products and still available 50+ years later!  Back in the early days of Ballpoint Pens, every manufacturer had a personal feeling about how long a pen should be to give the optimum feel in the customers hand.  Some liked shorter pens, some wanted them longer to give more of what they called “balance,” a little more weight on the back of the writing instrument.  At that time, most Drugstores were the target locations to get a refill for your pen.  Thousands and thousands of corner Drug Stores had a case, usually by the photography drop off, where you could replace the cartridge in your pen.  They soon were called refills since, just like with a fountain pen, you were “re-filling” your writing instrument.  So many manufacturers, so many different lengths of refills, add in different points and different ink colors and it was overwhelming to the buyers what to stock and what not to stock.  
Mr. Fisher came up with a different plan.  Make our longest cartridge, and put saw cuts along it’s length so that the customer could take out their old cartridge, measure just which cut was the right place to “break” their new refill...and by using the included break-off tool that still comes with every 1-For-All Refill, instantly have a perfectly fitting replacement cartridge for their favorite Ball Point Pen.  By Carrying the Fisher Pen 1-For-All Refills, a store could now stock 6 items that would fit Hundreds and Hundreds of different writing instruments.  This product was a big hit at all the Office Product Shows and Drugstore Conventions and kept many many employees working full time at both factories for many decades!
The only thing that has changed over the years is some of the saw cuts have gone away as we learn that some manufacturers are either out of business, or are not making a particular refill.  Otherwise this is the same Refill Cartridge that your grandparents might have purchased a the Corner Drug Store in your town!  Same Brilliant Ink Color, Same Smooth Writing Point.  


These pens are sold as a 3 pack for $6.00.  If you select 1 in your Cart...you will be getting 3 1-For-All Refill Cartridges, individually packaged for you to easily store till needed!  Please note that these Refills WILL NOT FIT any of our Fisher Space Pen Models!  They also cannot be used as a replacement for the U - Style Refills which go in our Multi-Actions pens like the Q4 and TAG.

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