Item Number: #775SL

775SL - Silver Ink Cap-O-Matic Space Pen

Note: Existing engraving is fixed and will not change with custom engraving choices.
Style: Cap Activation
Finish: Shiny Black
Length: 5.375"
Cartridge: Fisher PRSL Silver Ink Medium Point
Packaging: Gift Pack Box 

Introducing the 775SL!

One of our most popular pens over many decades has been the SR80SL
now we are happy to provide you with a companion SILVER INK PEN from FISHER
It too is fantastic for writing on:
* Tires and other Rubber Surfaces
* Leather
* Photograph Paper
* Scrapbooks
* Dark papers and Surfaces
It also features our traditional Cap-0-Matic barrel
Same Great Fisher Space Pen Silver Ink
Same Great Fisher Space Pen Point
Larger Refill capacity and Shorter length barrel
Compare with the SR80SL HERE

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