775SL - Silver Ink Cap-O-Matic Space Pen


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Price: $10.00
Item Number: #775SL
Note: Existing engraving is fixed and will not change with custom engraving choices.
Style: Cap Activation
Finish: Shiny Black
Length: 5.375"
Cartridge: Fisher PRSL Silver Ink Medium Point
Gift Pack Box 

Introducing the 775SL!

The 775SL comes in ths attractive and disposable gift box
One of our most popular pens over many decades has been the SR80SL
now we are happy to provide you with a companion SILVER INK PEN from FISHER

It too is fantastic for writing on:
* Tires and other Rubber Surfaces
* Leather
* Photograph Paper
* Scrapbooks
* Dark papers and Surfaces
It also features our traditional Cap-0-Matic barrel
Same Great Fisher Space Pen Silver Ink
Same Great Fisher Space Pen Point
Larger Refill capacity and Shorter length barrel
Compare with the SR80SL HERE
And remember, your satisfaction is our primary goal, If you don't find this
new SILVER INK Fisher Pressurized Space Pen all that you expect,
return it for a replacement request for the traditional SR80SL!
Fisher Space Pen Co.  
Boulder City  Nevada

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