AB Atocha Matte Black Space Pen


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Price: $75.00
Item Number: #AB
Length:  Cap on 3.7"  Cap off 3.569"  (size comparison below)
DIAMETER:  0.30"
Composition: Clip & Band 14k Gold Filled
Cartridge: Fisher Pressurized PR4 Black Ink Medium Point  
(NOTE: If you would like a different point (Fine/Medium/Bold) or Ink Color (Black/Blue/Red/Green)
Please make a note in the comments section at checkout.)
Packaging: Plastic Box
ATOCHA AB engraved with Mel Fisher's handwriting of  Today's the day!
It was the ill-fated voyage of the Nuestra Senora de Atocha
and her sister ship the Santa Margarita from Havana.
They were heading to Spain, but only went a short distance before 
sinking to their final resting place at the bottom of the ocean
off the coast of Key West, Florida
(for more info on the shipwreck please visit Atocha )
Here is a Fisher Space Pen - Made with gold trim from the Nuestra Seonora de Atocha
Atocha AB
Atocha AB in the open position, ready to write
You can see Mel Fisher's handwriting of, "Today's the day!" and his signature, on the cap.
Atocha AB
Atocha AB in the closed position
Atocha AB

Salvaged years later by Mel Fisher (no relation to Paul Fisher)
We have found just a few of these gold trimmed Atocha Space Pens! 

Here's Paul Fisher & Mel Fisher holding a chain of gold from the Atocha
Paul & Mel Fisher with a Chain of Atocha Gold

Each contains one of our standard PR4 pressurized Space Pen Refills-
Writes Upside Down, Under Water, Over Greasy Surfaces and at Extreme Temps!

Compare the size of an Atocha to our Standard Bullet Space Pen
Atocha Size Chart

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