M4BCHP/L - Military Matte Black Cap-O-Matic Space Pen with CHP logo


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Price: $16.00
Item Number: #M4BCHP/L
Style: Cap Activation       
Length: 5.375"
Cartridge: Fisher PR4 Black ink Medium point
Packaging: Gift Box.

Thanks for your decision to purchase this Fisher Space Pen, specially designed for the California Highway Patrol!  As a special thank you we are offering this pen at it's regular retail price, BUT with the CHP Logo Laser Engraved, AND your choice of 1 line of custom engraving at no additional charge.  With its ability to write in extreme temperatures, on greasy surfaces and in very wet conditions (it can even write under water) it's the perfect writing instrument for the active CHP officer.  Also great as a memento for retirement, or those important anniversaries! 
This is the acutal laser engravers file (much enlarged) 
used as the guide to engrave your pen.
Law Enforcement and the military accept no less than the highest design specifications when selecting equipment for using in the field. Equipment must be reliable while operating under the most extreme conditions. The Fisher Space Pen is the only writing instrument that meets these high requirements.
Your M4BCHP/L Comes in this Stylish Eco-Friendly Matte Black Box

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